“Hold my drink,” says the narrator, signaling the commencement of either an amazing victory or a heartbreaking loss. It’s more of the latter in the next exhibitions. There was someone there who was lucky enough to capture these events on video seconds before calamity hit some unfortunate victim. There’s something lyrical about how these photographs make us hold our breath, hoping for a better conclusion, yet we know what’s about to happen deep down. We’ve all wished to stop time, but these photographs are the closest we’ll ever come. So grab your drink, get out of the pool, and tighten any loose nuts because things are about to get insane!

Get a Moooove On

So, Jesus was able to walk on water, but have you ever heard of José, who was able to sprint on water? We’re quite sure he didn’t realize he could do it, either. However, if it takes an angry bull chasing you down to find this power, then go for it!

Imgur/ themidgetking

No one else in the snapshot seemed to be willing to assist the unfortunate man. But if you want to participate in a brutal and pointless activity like bull racing, go ahead, but don’t expect us to come to your rescue.

Nerf or Nothing

Playing cops and robbers, or the less PC variation, cowboys and Indians, was one of our favorite activities as kids. Each man for himself, with Nerf guns blazing and couches transformed into fortresses. We recall it as if it were yesterday.

Reddit/ JewChooTrain89

Some people are unable to let go of their happy childhood memories and want to recreate the enchantment. It’s all in good fun until someone loses an eye (we sound just like our mothers now). Sadly, one individual came dangerously near to experiencing that reality.

Prepare for Cake

Ozzy Osbourne chewed the head off a bat, the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed in only socks, and Jimi Hendrix set his instrument ablaze. That’s what we call rock ‘n roll these days. Then there’s Steve Aoki, a modern-day dance DJ. Steve is a cake thrower. What a brilliant idea.

Reddit/ krilled

Unfortunately, for the typical lady who is continually jumping on her boyfriend’s shoulders and obscuring the view, this isn’t much of a deterrent. Actually, it’s more of an invitation! This happens within a fraction of a second before the cake lands on the basic girl to the tune of “Cake Face.”

No Skating in the House

The idea of women with epic perms, high-cut bikinis, and roller skates gliding along the Venice Beach boardwalk in style is really wonderful. Farah Fawcett and Olivia Newton-John, in their white skates, come to mind as old school blond babes.

Reddit/ STORM55487

Then there’s an inexperienced artist attempting to rework such a classic image. Unfortunately, she will be remembered for less than desirable reasons. Her dramatic mistake was caught on camera just before she fell to the ground, and we’re guessing it wasn’t a soft landing.

Mud Wrestling Gone Wrong

Friends, what we have here is a scene from the yet-to-be-released box office disaster The Exorcism of Calamity Jane. Everyone knew something wasn’t quite right with aunt Jane at the annual family mud wrestling day…

Pinterest/ receitatop.org

Congratulations to the photographer who took a risk by standing in the splash zone to capture this incredible event. Auntie Jane is going to strike the ground hard because it appears like most of the mud has already been spilled out.

Heads Up!

Observing the game is almost as risky as participating in it. You’re in danger of having the upper left man’s gum fall on your head if a stray bat doesn’t hit you! Let’s hoping the round end of that bat hits someone.


Someone’s eye might be blown out by the splintered end! The lady in yellow seemed to be on the verge of standing up and calling the management. “I was put in a dangerous seating location, and I felt like a victim.” Karen, please have a seat.

Everyone Deserves a Chance to Fly

Remember our favorite part of Wicked when Elphaba takes to the skies and leaves the wizard forever? Yeah, this guy was obviously trying to make some kind of statement too.


Even though this may be an incredible photograph, there are just too many things that could go wrong for us. To begin with, there is a massive boulder beneath him! After this, good luck pulling that stick out of your butt!

Pupper Fail

It’s not just people that are subjected to embarrassing pranks; this poor puppy has also seen his fair share of online shame. For a brief moment, he forgot how to dog and opted to stop a Frisbee with his face instead of his mouth.

Reddit/ ozone_one

It’s all right, little fellow; you’ll figure it out next time! (We’re quite sure he won’t, but don’t tell him.) For the time being, keep to chasing your tail and leave the Frisbee catching to the professionals.

A Ladder Too Far

We’re not sure where this person studied science, but gravity is a very real force, and this poor fellow will feel its repercussions sooner rather than later, according to us. But that doesn’t appear to be his first time with a chainsaw.

Reddit/ Piranhamonkey

It’s disturbing enough that he balances on the ladder with a lethal weapon/tool in his hand. When you add in his complete disrespect for rationality, you’ve got yourself a problem on your hands! Please, try a helmet in the future.

Here Comes the Beer

The bride had no idea what she was getting herself into when she requested for a bridal shower! It was a memorable night, judging by the groom’s unkempt appearance, but this bride undoubtedly wants to forget about it.

Reddit/ crazy_woo

Fortunately, wedding photographers are fast on the trigger and constantly keep an eye on events and visitors to capture such moments. Fortunately, it happened late at night, so the delighted couple can now relax in their honeymoon room together.

Good Luck!

Four-leaf clovers are the luckiest of all symbols. Faith, hope, love, and luck are thought to be the four positive omens carried by these uncommon beauty. The luck, however, did not last long, if at all, for this unlucky shamrock picker.

Reddit/ abusivecat

The only fortunate aspect of this shot is that they were able to capture this split-second image before their day was flipped completely upside down. Is it possible that a Frisbee to the face implies you’ll win the lotto or something?


This is the source of the Happy Madison Productions Intro, the one when the golf ball smashes the camera screen. But kudos to the lady who managed to pull her ball out of the sand trap! That isn’t an easy task.

Flickr/ konderminator

Because the typical golf ball travels over 90 miles per hour, hollering “front!” wouldn’t have done anything to aid this camera operator. Hopefully, the camera concealed their face, and they didn’t wake up the next day with a big bruise on their skull!

Ready to Pounce

Cats are often reserved and focused on their own goals. However, if you pull out some catnip or a laser, you’ve got them in the palm of your hand. However, keeping the laser aimed at a wall or down a hallway is a good rule of thumb.

Photosight/ David D.

There isn’t a soft place of the body where cat claws may do major harm! This poor girl is blissfully ignorant of the impending suffering. We hope she retaliated with a similarly clever sneak assault on the photographer.

Cold as Ice

There have always been people with the propensity for photobombing. No matter what year you head to the ice rink, you’re sure to have someone come sliding in when you least expect it.

Reddit/ TRone33

Always causing havoc for everyone! He knocks down your whole crew in one swift swoop, leaving you all stumbling around on the ice. Fortunately, everything was filmed on a Sony 8MP camera, so you may laugh about it in the future.

Hope He Gets a Refund

For a little while, this man was looking quite slick, but then he decided to pull an ill-fated stoppie. (For the uninitiated, that’s when you do a wheelie on your front wheel, which isn’t for the faint of heart!)

Reddit/ throatfrog

This inexpensive bike, on the other hand, was having none of it. Snap! When you’re in this perilous situation, that’s the last thing you want to hear. His expression indicates that he is remorseful for not wearing a helmet. Hopefully, he made it out alive!

The Party’s On Fire

What could be better than a costume party complete with plenty of wine, bikes, and a grill? What’s the worst that might happen? Last but not least… Before he hits the ground, you can clearly see the poor guy’s agonized look.

Reddit/ InternetWeakGuy

We’re quite sure this guy didn’t plan on spending his evening in the emergency department when he donned his yellow cape.
Which of the burn wounds, broken arms, or bleeding gashes will be the most painful?

Don’t Pop This One

This youngster has to be told that’s not how you “pop a wheelie.” It’s a marvel that this child’s father was able to snap this image, but it’ll be even more remarkable if he can walk away with his face intact!

Reddit/ future_career

These small trick motorcycles may appear to be innocuous, but there is never a good excuse to ride without a helmet! What occurs next will give “head over heels” a whole new meaning. Or, as we like to say, head over wheels…

Willie Makeit

We suppose, no matter their age, boys will be boys. We just think it’s ridiculous that they’d put the heaviest member of their team on the bike. You’d want the least amount of weight to fall on you in this situation.


The sight of such foolishness makes Evil Knievel spin around in his grave. We’re sure the person who was picked to capture the shot rather than take part in the act is feeling quite lucky right now! On the left, a poor man is witnessing his life flash before his eyes.

See You Next Fall

We’re not naturalists, but we’re quite sure smooth rocks and water aren’t the best places to be caught off guard. For just this reason. Especially not if you’re a senior citizen! Could someone kindly get her a walker?

Reddit/ broopimus

This damage will almost certainly leave a few bones brittle in the morning. The worst aspect is that if you get harmed or wet while out walking, you still have to return to your car, injured and ashamed! So, maintain your dignity by staying out of the water.

Oh Scone!

Teatime isn’t one of the most convenient meals to consume. It’s just not feasible to balance all those little plates and forks while holding a cup of tea in your hand. When calamity hit, Grandma was also dealing with similar issues.

Reddit/ rhi_draw

What a waste of a delicious scone! Her pants are going to get a beautiful mark from all that scrumptious cream and jam. Her face is filled with worry, but just remember the 5-second rule.

Swinging for the Fences

Girls would go to the park in their finest tank tops and flip-flops and shoot a couple photos that would later be printed at Walgreens before VSCO girls were a thing. You could even upload it to your Myspace account if you were feeling really fancy.

Reddit/ No1s_Perfect

However, we’re thinking this shot didn’t make the cut. We would never have gotten on the swing set in the first place. Those wooden beams don’t appear to be kosher, and they certainly don’t appear to be strong enough to support a couple of teens!

Words Can Hurt

This is a strategy we’ve never attempted before. So, let me get this straight: if you hurl a book hard enough at someone’s head, the knowledge will just enter their brain on its own? When we were in school, this information was nowhere to be found!

Reddit/ ShirleySexton

But, truly, a book may be a powerful weapon. She may have lost an eye if it hadn’t been for her strong spectacles! What sort of WWE child tossed this book with such astonishing precision and velocity, we can’t help but wonder.

Footie Failures

The grass can get pretty slippery when you’re out there playing football or, as we Americans like to call it, soccer. To be fair, it involves feet a lot more than American football, but the terminology can get a bit confusing. Maybe that confusion is part of what happened here.

Imgur/ zJFub

The expression of remorse on this poor man’s face is palpable. He’s already thinking to himself, “I should have stayed inside.” That’s what you get for not dressing properly for soccer. Young dude, show some respect for the game!

Major Spillage

This person deserves credit for utilizing a reusable shopping bag. The disadvantage is that they can still give up on you at any time. Good luck collecting all those fruits and vegetables before they tumble down the stairwell! They couldn’t have been more than one flight up.

Reddit/ Afzelia

It’s a little odd that someone was photographing this person when they were lugging goods up the stairs. This isn’t usually the most photogenic part of your day. Maybe it was just a slow week socially.

Shark Attack on the Horizon

This poor duck is about to face its maker. For the shark, it’s a tasty snack to whet its appetite before dinner. The circle of life can be a fearsome thing to watch so we’re lucky this photo was snapped right before.


Big props to the photographer for summoning the courage to approach this man-eater up up and personal. Or, as the case may be, bird-eater. After this incident, we would have had to rinse off our wetsuits.

Happy Oh No

Every little girl fantasizes about celebrating her Sweet 16th birthday. It’s possible that they won’t all be packed with Range Rovers and star visits, as MTV would have us think. Some of us will have to make do with a good cake and a few people around to our place.


Unfortunately, the 5-second rule will not apply to this cake. According to our estimates, that cake will fall face-down on the floor. Ideally, she’ll be able to laugh about this in a few years. Best wishes on your 18th!

It’s Your Own Fault

This is another example of why you should always think about your photogenic pose before you strike it. Sure, he was proud of his cooking skills and wanted to show off, but did he really need to tilt it all the way vertical?


We’re guessing they’re having supper delivered! Something in a closed container, ideally. This exquisite dish appears to be leaving some similarly gorgeous stains on that lovely cream-colored carpet. Godspeed to whoever has to inform Mom about the messed-up situation.

Man Down

Being a member of the Queen’s guard is a prestigious post, and these soldiers are required to perform flawless maneuvers on a regular basis. However, things do not always go as planned. Those bearskin caps and crimson tunics aren’t exactly weather-resistant.


Soldiers should not lock their knees during these lengthy formations, according to some, as this might cut off blood flow. That, along with his scorching (both literally and metaphorically!) clothing, was the ideal recipe for a fainting episode. Soldier, remember to drink more water in the future.


Another reason why women live longer than males is because of this. That list of justifications is becoming unreasonably long. Let’s take a closer look at Exhibit A: 1 College student, 1 Staircase, and 5 blow-up mattresses—a tragedy waiting to happen.


There are three possibilities. Number one: He’ll bounce off. Number two: When the mattresses collide, they will pop. Number three: The mattresses will collapse beneath him, and he will fall to the ground, destroying his sole brain cell.

The Invisible Man

At first glance, you might think that the Invisible Man has decided to try his hand at rock climbing. However, it’s far more likely that the unfortunate guy has simply lost his glasses during the ascent.

Reddit/ YourMomsNext

We hope that he’s got a climbing buddy or two to help guide him safely now that he can no longer see. We don’t know about you, but we’d hate to be stuck on a sheer cliff face without our glasses!

Happy Birthday to the Ground

Imagine this: you’ve gone to great lengths to hire and decorate a place, everyone is having a great time, and out walks cousin Giovanni with a stunning three-tier cake. The pink and white birthday cake of your dreams!

Reddit/ hosko787

The next thing you know, that dream comes crashing down. Literally. We can’t tell what caused the accident, but one thing is for sure: this birthday will be memorable and not in a good way.

A Rude Awakening

We’ve all experienced those fantastic dreams in which we are able to fly. You just push off from the ground hard enough to soar into the air. It’s sheer enchantment. However, if you’re sleepwalking, this might be deadly!

Imgur/ thetacomaster

This unfortunate guy has either been caught in the middle of a sleepwalking episode, or he has grossly underestimated his capacity to jump extraordinary lengths! The life-saving apparatus in the back appears to be of little utility. They’ll have to bring in a stretcher instead!

Pow! Right in the Kisser!

It occurs to the best among us. Seriously. This pro baseball player was hit in the face by a ball like a 5-year-old. To rub salt in the wound, these games include hundreds of high-speed cameras set up to capture such a moment.

Pinterest/Drew Peacock

This shot will most likely never make it into the Philadelphia Phillies’ locker room or Hall of Fame. Perhaps a spot in the Hall of Failures would be more appropriate. At the very least, he got to walk with this bizarre pitch.

Falling Slowly

While this macho dude strikes a pose in the foreground, something far more extraordinary is taking place in the background. In this split second, the lady poised to take the leap appears to be violating all the laws of physics.


She’s floating on water and defying gravity all at the same time, and she’s as cool as a cucumber. Her pals, on the other hand, are to blame. No one appears to be alerting her or even providing a helping hand to prevent her from falling into the abyss.

Fatherly Failures

The internet is littered with videos of fathers performing superhuman maneuvers to save their children tumbling from the sofa or a bike. In this situation, however, that is not the case. This father believes that using his foot will suffice, but he will soon discover that this is not the case.


We hope this didn’t deter young Jimothy from getting back on his bike and giving it another shot. And, Dad, when the training wheels come off, you’d best be ready to catch your kid if he falls! That fall is going to hurt a lot more.

Slip Slidin’ Away

Bringing the kids to the park is a joy for both the parents and the children. Adults may relax on a seat and watch the world go by while the kids play to their hearts’ delight. However, things do not always go as planned.


At the park, there are a million and one things that may go wrong, so parents should be prepared to wipe away some tears. This poor youngster is about to take a terrible fall, and her expression suggests she’s aware of the situation.

Jonah Hill Has a Superbad Day

Even superstars are not immune to micro-disasters that occur in a fraction of a second. Jonah Hill, the iconic actor and director, is seen walking leisurely after buying his morning coffee. Fortune, on the other hand, turns her back on him and chooses to pull a quick one on him.


His coffee cup’s lid falls off, spilling his drink all over the floor. However, if you carry your drink like that, you’re almost certainly asking for it. Fortunately, money isn’t a problem, and he can just buy a new one.

You Gotta Hold On, Man

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Any upper-middle-class bro’s favorite summer hobby. A chance to show off your muscles and your father’s boat in the hopes of attracting the attention of some bronzing ladies on the beach. Until this occurs, that is.


Someone on the boat filmed this catastrophic fail, likely when the wakeboarder in question was attempting to seem ultra-cool for the camera. This is going to teach you a valuable lesson. Concentrate on the grip rather than the gram!

ATVs are Not Toys

These days’ kids… Gone are the days when children were content to play in the dirt with a stick. No, kids need all of the largest and shiniest things to keep them occupied these days. We can only image the amount of nagging that went on before this shot was taken.


Children, keep in mind that ATVs are not toys! Grandma is trying her hardest to capture the one idiot over there, but she’ll definitely break an arm if she succeeds. Hopefully, they were sufficiently traumatized by this occurrence to pick up a stick and play again. Adults should drive the larger wheels.

Loony Toons IRL

Were you aware that a wheel’s inside is also comprised of rubber? That, or there’s a whiff of sabotage in the air! There are just two possible explanations for a wheel that is completely changing. Fortunately, he was well-equipped and unharmed.


That doesn’t make the fall any less painful. He probably left with a damaged ego as well. He also had a long distance to fall before coming to a halt, based on the appearance of that ramp.

Tough Times at the Pub

A long day on the slopes may be exhausting, and nothing beats a refreshing cold brewSKI. (Have you noticed what we did there?) However, it is preferable for the beer to remain in the glass until it reaches your lips. It should never, ever cover your top.

Twitter/ @Myngaa88

In a brief moment, this person will be especially icy since there is no way out of this. However, they were correct in sending the elderly guy to get the beverages. What a jerk! Sit down, sir, and leave the cleanup to the youngsters.

Worst Picture Ever

Picture day is usually a highlight of the year. While waiting for your photo to be shot, you get to look your best by skipping a few lessons. These kids appear to be overjoyed with their new, spotless blue outfits.

Imgur/ IStealPrettyMuchAllMyContent

Sadly, we just know that this picture will come back to haunt this boy for the rest of his life. It might not be sitting proudly on his mother’s mantle, but someone’s going to have copies and they’re going to find their way to his first girlfriend, much to his embarrassment.

Fire in Her Soul

Is this what Alicia Keys meant by “this girl is on fire”? Probably not, but it does seem to fit! The woman on the left is plainly unaware of what is going on since she is still concentrating on the cake.


Barbara from accounting, on the other hand, is going to get a lot more than she planned for when she awoke that morning. The only distinction between a good and a horrible haircut, Barbara, is 6 weeks. Just give it some time…

Children are Not in His Future

Baseball is far more risky than badminton or chess, for example. And Johnny has now discovered this the hard way. That is why, little one, you must guard more than just your head when stepping up to the plate. But he’ll figure it out in due time.

Twitter/ @EltioMichael1

He was fortunate in that he learned this lesson while he was young. Any later, and the shame and anguish would be multiplied tenfold. When Johnny has to explain his delayed development to his wife, all he has to do is pull out this photo.

A Serious Misstep

We agree that it is never amusing to see an elderly person collapse. However, if the elderly person is a brutal tyrant who has brought his nation to its knees, it is OK to giggle. The internet was blown up by this perfectly placed snapshot of former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

AP Photo

We now have this meme-worthy image thanks to a quick-on-the-trigger photographer, and the internet trolls might combine to produce precisely photoshopped copies of ol’ Bob breakdancing. Thank you, internet; we will be eternally grateful.